The Energy Transition in Africa
Challenges and Opportunities

18 July 2024  |  08h00 GMT

09h00 Lagos
Addis Ababa

The Energy Transition in Africa
Challenges and Opportunities

As Africa stands at the crossroads of an energy transition, the continent grapples with a multifaceted challenge that is as much about fostering economic growth and eradicating poverty as it is about adhering to the Paris Agreement, to which 33 African nations are signatories. Despite contributing a mere 4% to global greenhouse gas emissions, Africa is poised to redefine its energy narrative.

The imperative for African leaders is to strike a delicate balance: pursuing net-zero ambitions while simultaneously catalysing economic expansion and enhancing community well-being. With 43% of the continent’s populace in the dark, the quest for electrification is not just urgent—it’s critical.

In this complex situation, what are the best and the most realistic ways of achieving energy transition on the continent?

The Energy Transition in Africa webinar, will delve deep into the African energy conundrum, exploring viable pathways for a transition that aligns with the continent’s unique needs and aspirations. It will dissect the current energy matrix, heavily reliant on traditional biomass and fossil fuels, and chart out a trajectory for the energy mix of tomorrow.


Amb. John Mugerwa

Deputy High Commissioner of the Republic of Uganda in the UK

Caroline Kende-Robb

Senior Director, Strategy and Operational Policies, African Development Bank Group

Mike Sangster

Senior Vice President, Africa, TotalEnergies

Adam Kendall

Partner and African Sustainability Practice lead at McKinsey & Company

Hannah Ryder

Moderator and CEO of Development Reimagined